Monday, December 24, 2012

Jonas Kaufmann sings Cantique de Noël

O Holy Night is possibly my all-time least favorite (sacred) Christmas song. I have heard way too many people massacre it in various hideous ways. On the other hand, have you ever tried finding any recordings of JK singing Christmas music? And in the right hands (voice) it can be a lovely aria. In the YT comments, someone bashes JK (it seems like a popular hobby) for some "alterations" of the melody in the second stanza. But if my memory serves me, it is actually written that way. In any event, who can pass up any opportunity to watch and listen to Jonas Kaufmann sing? 

Cantique de Noël
Advent Concert, Dresden, 2009


  1. I think we share the same reaction to Kaufmann; I never thought I would live to hear the combination of beauty of voice and musical intelligence. Couple that with great looks and a talent for the stage. I suspect that is the reason for the negative comments that I, too, have read on YouTube. I suppose that sort of thing comes with the territory.

    As regards Cantique de Noel, I suspect that it is not an easy sing; hence some of the terrible reditions you have heard. Thill's version is supposed to the be ultimate so I suppose I should listen to it. Kaufmann's French for the first verse was idiomatic and fluent. Appropriate that the second was in German. I can't imagine it being better sung.

    1. Herr Kaufmann has a real knack for languages, with English that is almost unaccented (or so poly-accented that it's hard to place) I have heard too many try to make too much of the night DEE-vine (automatic disqualifier) and falling on your knees. Oh holy-a night-a (as Pavarotti sang)isn't easy to sing, and I think if you can't sing it, don't(this goes double for non-classical singers). The melody is dramatic enough without crushing it under added histrionics and vocal "interpretation." This concludes my grinchy comments on Christmas songs. :)


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