Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Lohengrin, More on Regie, and More Blog Posts I Wish I had Written

Today's Operaramblings pointed me in the direction of a post here at barczablog. Well, actually it directed me to a different post, but I'm linking this post because today's post makes more sense if you read yesterday's first. 

If you have any interest at all in the new La Scala Lohengrin, the work of Claus Guth, Jonas Kaufmann, or Annette Dasch, or Regieoper in general, you need to read this. In this post, Mr. Barcza said, in part:
Regietheater is simply a response to who we are. While texts seem to be etched in stone, humanity (thank goodness) is not. 
Below the post are very thoughtful, insightful comments, both on Lohengrin: the opera, and Lohengrin: the La Scala production, including some serious, profound words from La Cieca, (which impressed me, given the generally ironic tone of the Parterre box blog) that I commend to you. In today's post, Mr. Barcza expands on his thoughts regarding Regieoper:
Those resisting complex imagery seem literal-minded and backward to me.  That complexity is embraced in Europe and resisted in America speaks volumes.
And while we speak of such things, i must add that I resist calling anything “Regietheater” because that’s pejorative (even if it’s better than epithets such as “Eurotrash”).
Those will probably sound like fightin' words to the "traditionalists." But to me, they give me hope, as well as pause for thought. Regieoper is a nicer word than that other one. But it still can carry a negative connotation, and it's limiting. Of course, every time we put a label on something or someone, we impose limitations. 

And I thought, maybe I need to change the name of my blog. "Regie, or Not Regie" was intended to cover it all, but by using that label, am I limiting myself and/or my reader(ship)? And then I wonder if it's too early in the life of my blog to be changing it's identity. And then I wonder if I am just thinking too much. 

Meanwhile, back at Lohengrin, the La Scala performance was broadcast, however in the blink of an eye, it was available online and then not available  I am sure the whole opera will crop up again soon, but in the meantime here is La Scala's official trailer, for a taste of what's to come. 

For more on this Lohengrin, including commentary from Claus Guth (from someone who was there) check out (among other resources) Opera Chic's blog.

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