Friday, December 14, 2012

Gratuitous Friday – Richard Croft is Belmonte

Richard Croft rocks Belmonte in this 1990 performance from
the Drottingholm Palace Theater. This difficult aria from Mozart's Die Entführung aus dem Serail
is often cut, and many tenors (unwittingly) demonstrate why that's a good idea. 

In this case, keeping it in was an even better idea.

Conductor Arnold Östman takes his typically brisk tempo—one that would benefit many other tenors who get "stuck" singing this. I think Mr. Croft could handle it at a more leisurely pace, but he sure sounds swell here. Happy Friday.

Die Entführung aus dem Serail: Ich baue ganz


  1. This was my second Entfuhrung; the first was the Glyndebourne. Two tiny theatres with "limited" resourcs, but the Swedish performance certainly trumps the Sussex taping although Ryland Davies also sings Ich baue ganze with not the same flare but he doesn't disgrace himslf. Unfortunately Croft is not partnered with a Konstanze who is his vocal equal. It would be my guess that she stopped her vocal studies a mite too soon. She is OK until you hear Diana Damrau from the Liceo. I do enjoy the Swedish production for its use of period instruments, the samll orchestra with it tangy resinous sound and Ostman's conducting. I haven't heard his other Mozart DVD's. Can you offer an opinion?

    1. Hi David, I have seen/heard La Clemenza di Tito. The Drottingholm orchestra and chorus are very good, and I like both Tito and Vitellia a lot too. Less impressed with the Sesto, but I think I was bothered by her acting more than her singing. She just looks like.... a girl! I have not experienced any of the other Drottingholm productions so far.


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