Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kaufmann is Lohengrin at La Scala: The Video (Another Pre-Review)

Well, I finally found it! I am probably a bit late to the party. I've only viewed bits on my iPhone, and the quality there was not great, but given the other comments at YT, I would guess that's a connection issue on my end.

I don't think I've ever heard JK sing better. Annette Dasch sounds better to me than in the Bayreuth recording; and she stepped in more or less at the last minute here. Evelyn Herlitzius may just be the best current Ortrud (sorry, Petra Lang, I still love you, too.) René Pape is suitably regal. 

I will probably have to wait till the weekend to view the entire performance. What I have sampled so far has whetted my appetite for more. Sadly there are a few stupid jerks idiots people who have made some stupid idiotic ridiculous uninformed comments at YT already. It may take a few viewings to "get" it, but Claus Guth always puts a lot of thought into his production. You could call his interpretations odd, strange, weird, difficult, and/or opaque, but never stupid!

Wagner: Lohengrin – La Scala 2012

Happy Boxing Day!

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  1. YouTube comments about Guth productions are always the best. Or the worst. I remember reading some of the ones for various clips of his Don Giovanni and wanting to beat my head against the wall. (There was one complaint about how Leporello sang his catalog song without an actual catalog . . . clutch the pearls! mild abstraction in staging is bringing the world to an end!)

    1. BWahahahahha. Imagine! I guess they would not be impressed with Luca's album of Polaroid snaps at Glyndebourne either.


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