Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The 12 Days Of Christmas – Frederica von Stade & Kathleen Battle

This clip is from the wonderful 1991 Carnegie Hall Christmas Concert. Frederica von Stade and Kathleen Battle joined forces with the New York Choral Society, the American Boy Choir, and  the Orchestra of St. Luke's, all under the direction of Andre Previn. Wynton Marsalis and his quartet also appeared on their own and with the sopranos in various combinations. I have had this program on CD for years, and I enjoy the variety of straight up classical, pop-ish arrangements, and jazz. All of the principal artists do a great job in each style. 

I never realized there was also a DVD. When I came across the clips on YT, it was tough to decide which one to pick for a Christmas post. But this arrangement (like so many versions of this carol) has just about everything in it (including a little Rosenkavalier!)

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Von Stade and Battle sing several other lovely duets which I commend to you, including Gesu Bambino, Reger's Maria Wiegenlied, and the Evening Prayer from Hansel and Gretel. The whole album is wonderful and everyone except the most resolute Christmas Grinch will find something to enjoy in this concert. 


  1. everyone except the most resolute Christmas Grinch

    I resemble that remark

    1. LOL. Check out the Reger link above...less schlocky. Or better yet, go back to yesterday and listen to Frau Kühmeier sing it.
      Happy Boxing Day!


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