Monday, March 18, 2013

Gratuitous Peter Mattei Post: Eugene Onegin

He's won rave reviews for his performance as Amfortas at the Met. Not only because Peter Mattei doesn't usually sing Wagner, but also because he is a great singer/actor. The pain of his Amfortas is palpable. 

Peter Mattei doesn't always get to play the good guy, either. Well, I suppose Amfortas has his issues. But Eugene Onegin? It's hard to find anything really to like about Eugene Onegin. (He's right up–or down–there with B. F. Pinkerton in my book.) 

On the other hand, Tchaikovsky does give him some beautiful music to sing. Onegin can charm us with his gorgeous voice, even when he is being a jerk, and especially if he's also known as Peter Mattei.  


  1. Yeah, he did a concert performance of this at Tanglewood a few years ago, there were definitely worse ways to spend a summer evening :-)

  2. How do I love him? Was at Tanglewood (and that was a humid rainy evening). At the MET: his 4 spring performances of DON GIOVANNI in 2009, opening night and closing performance of FROM THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD, the Count 4 times, his BARBIERE Figaro twice and Marcello. Unfotunately I missed his Yeletsky, his last-minute DG (for Kwiecen) and the PARSIFAL in house but went to the HD. This last was mitigated by the fact I was able to get to NYC for Peter's Singer's Studio interview at the Met Opera Learning Center.

    Not only a gorgeous voice and a wonderful actor but Mattei is an artist willing to take chances with productions but keeps a close watch on his voice.

    1. Wow! Are you working on your Stalker Badge? (It sounds like you may have earned it already!)

      What role did he sing in House of the Dead -- Gorjancikov? There's an opera for all time. I am heading to the HD Encore of Parsifal tomorrow night.

      Thanks for your comments, and thanks for reading the blog!

    2. Wow, how I do ENVY you... I would travel the entire world just to see his performances... again and again and again... and again ;)!!!

  3. He sang Shiskov and he was mesmerizing (but of course). Yeah, I guess it does look like I'm stalking him ;-) but I am a very polite stalker. I actually don't fall in love with too many singers because I try to be open to listening to all types of voices but after seeing his Count for the second time and how he was able to make this jerk of a character very attractive, I simply surrendered.

    I have a Google alert for Mattei so that's how I got to your blog; added it to my feed reader. I am looking forward to your thoughts on PARSIFAL

    1. As long as you are not going through his trash cans, I guess you're not truly a stalker. I missed Parsifal after all. Something about having to act grown up and going home and sleeping... grrr. (though I listened to part of the radio broadcast I grabbed from BBC3)
      I am glad you found the blog. I look forward to hearing from you often!


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