Thursday, March 28, 2013

La Traviata and The Perfect American – Still on View at Arte Live

This is a reminder that the La Monnaie La Traviata will be available on Arte Live for about 75 more days. And here it is:

Simona Šaturová thoroughly inhabits Violetta, and Sébastien Guèze is cute and impetuous as Alfredo. If you have any interest at all in Regieoper and you are not ultra-sensitive, I recommend you take a look and listen while it's still availableIt's a somewhat disturbing production, but it's not boring. Here is my review of this Traviata.

While I was looking to make sure Traviata was still there, I noticed we only have about 35 days to see Philip Glass’ latest—The Perfect Americanfrom Teatro Real in Madrid. 

It's possible this will be released on DVD at some point, but then again, maybe not. I think it’s worth a look and listen, so don't be Goofy and end up missing it. Watch it online, just in case. (It's also at, but I'm not sure for how long.) Here is my review of The Perfect American.

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