Saturday, March 9, 2013

Parsifal – Excerpt from Act II with Kaufmann and Dalayman

Yes, more about Kaufmann as Parsifal from the Met. This 40-minute clip was just uploaded. 

Given the ephemeral nature of videos at YT, I recommend taking look at it before it disappears again. 

The video quality is not optimal, but it's a nice big chunk of Act 2 for those of us who haven't had a chance to see any of the broadcast to enjoy. Nice too for those who did see it and would like to reminisce a little bit. (BTW, there's less than 24 hours to hear the full radio broadcast over at BBC 3.)


  1. I'm hoping this production comes out on DVD so I can hear it again - I think I may need a few more rounds with this opera before I fully appreciate it.


    1. Hey, I really enjoyed your review of the Friday night performance. I was going to write something snarky about your gynecologist comment, but it looks like comments are (wisely) disabled for that post. Glad to see you are at least keeping up the innuendo, if not the actual profanity.

      I am with you on needing more time to appreciate Parsifal. As I type I am listening to a 1950s-ish Bayreuth performance (about 4 bucks on mp3 from Amazon) just to get the music more in my ears. I am planing to attend the Met in HD encore on March 20.

    2. I didn't disable the comments on that post on purpose - I didn't realize they were until I read your comment just now. And here I was thinking that I said something so awful that no one wanted to comment! (This is what comes of writing posts using the Wordpress app on an ipad - not all the right boxes get ticked or unticked.) I'll have to go poking around for another Parsifal DVD (or get that cheap audio from amazon). I think the only one we've got at the library is really old, so probably ok music but not exciting visually.

    3. Last I checked you could still see the latest Bayreuth Parsifal on YT. There is PLENTY to watch in that one, and it has German subtitles. (Herheim covers the story of the opera, the history of the opera, and overlays it all with the history of Germany.)

    4. I was just reading the comments on another clip from this - I'm seeing "vile" and "makes no sense" and words like "travesty" so I bet it's probably going to be pretty good!

    5. LOL.If only those people realized how enticing it is to the rest of us when they use such language!


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