Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fluffy, Not Stuffy

Ive been rethinking my statement yesterday about fluffy questions. The questions Bejun Mehta answers in that interview seem odd, off the wall, and non sequitur-ish. But they do invite thoughtful, interesting answers. After explaining how you cant possibly ever compare Barbara Streisand with Pierre Boulez, Mr. Mehta briefly discusses what each artist means to him. And you actually find out a little bit more about him. 

Its really much more interesting than stuffy between-the-acts live interviews. How can the diva, who just came off stage, respond when asked, “How do you feel about missing that high note in Sempre libera?” or “Whats it like singing with <Famous Tenor>?” when the guy is standing right next to her. I mean what is she going to say?

She says, “Well, as you know Deborah, that’s the risk of live performance.”  But she thinks, “Missing the E sucks, and I’m so embarrassed that I  just want to hide in my dressing room instead of making small talk with you."

And while gushing, “Singing with <Famous Tenor> is such an honor!” she may be thinking, “He’s a jerk, he keeps stepping on my foot, and he always drags the pitch down in our duets.” 

Stuffy questions usually get stuffy, canned answers. Sometime it takes a fluffier question to elicit an honest, interesting answer.

I choose fluffy, not stuffy.


  1. You have Milky Way chocolate bars over there? or is that a Mars Bar?

    1. 3 Muskateers, though we have the others, too. I decided to avoid copyright issues by not showing the wrapper :-)

    2. 1. This post is making me hungry.

      2. I'd also much rather have non sequiturs (as Mehta fielded) than questions that really have only one answer ("I LOVE singing with Famous Tenor!")

    3. 1. Me too. I either have to change the picture or stop looking at it.

    4. We have Milky Way and Mars Bars, but it's complicated.

    5. Wow! That IS complicated. Thanks for the clarification(?).

    6. At a certain point in my life this was a valuable lesson on the fluid nature of Reality.

    7. I think it's good to be reminded of the fluid nature of Reality now and then. As soon as we determine what really is real. Other than opera, that is!


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