Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Nina Stemme Show: Turandot at the Royal Swedish Opera

Riccardo Massi & Nina Stemme
I just came across a thorough review by Aksel Tollåli at bachtrack of Nina Stemme's debut as Turandot. He also provides some detail on the production, which sounds intriguing. 
...the chorus, originally an angry, bloodthirsty mob of Chinese people, was turned into an angry, blood-thirsty mob of an opera audience, dressed to the nines, and seated in replicas of the chairs of the Royal Opera’s auditorium... The chorus egged on the singers in front of them...before leaving the stage after all of the interesting bits had happened, only to return after a while, champagne flutes in hand, for the next big moment. 
It sounds very Robert Carsen-esque. Mr. Tollåli notes that Ms. Stemme 
...certainly knows how to sing loud! But it wasn’t all shouting, and Stemme delivered a nuanced and dynamic performance, always being heard over the orchestra. Her acting was also nothing less than riveting, especially during the riddle scene. 
Of Riccardo Massi as Calàf (as Puccini), he says,  
...both his singing and his acting during the riddle scene were riveting.
You can read the whole review at bachtrack and see more photos from the production at the Royal Swedish Opera website. Another kind stranger posted the riddle scene (audio only...I wonder if there is/will be a video...) and you can listen to the entire performance at SverigSRadio for about 15 more days.

Straniero Ascolta (the Riddle Scene)


  1. I'll have to go and listen to this before it disappears! My admiration for Nina Stemme is such that I'm even thinking of watching Aida (perhaps my least favorite Verdi opera) over again, because the version we've got at the library here has her in the title role.

    1. I think it's a pretty exciting performance.I'm sure you'll enjoy it (even more than Aida!!)


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