Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Someone is Watching Me Watch Arleen Auger

Now don't feel paranoid...but we are being watched. It seems coincidental, but we know it's not. This video website knows I looked at some clips of Arleen Auger, and then checked out some Mahler Knaben Wunderhorn clips. Therefore, they suggested I watch this clip of Arleen Auger singing—you guessed it—Mahler. And what a fine suggestion it is.

It's a fun, wonderful, characterful performance. And it makes one a bit sad knowing that only a few short years later she died as a result of a brain tumor. Ms. Auger was only 53still in her vocal prime. So here is a bit of Mahler, followed by Mozart, from the same recital. There are more clips over there from this same program. Ms. Auger's death was a big loss to the vocal world. We are fortunate to have so many recordings with which to remember her.

Ablösung im Sommer
(Replacement in Summer) 

Cuckoo has fallen to its death,
From a green willow!
Cuckoo is dead!
Has fallen to its death!

Who then, all summer long,
Will while away the time?

Hey! Mistress Nightingale will do that!
She sits on a green twig!
Small, fine nightingale,
The dear, sweet nightingale!
She sings and jumps, is always happy,
When other birds are silent!

We're waiting for Mistress Nightingale,
Who lives in the green hedge,
And if Cuckoo is done with,
Then she'll begin to pulse.

(Evening sentiment)

It is evening; the sun has vanished,
and the moon streams silver beams;
so flee life’s happiest hours,
gone away as in a dance.

Soon ends life’s bright scene,
and the curtain falls;
our play is done: tears of our friends
already fall on our grave.

Soon perhaps (the soft west wind wafts to me
a quiet hint of this),
shall I complete this life’s pilgrimage,
fly to the land of rest.

If you will cry on my grave
mourning over my ashes,
then, oh friends, shall I appear to you
and will waft you heavenward.

Also give a tear to me,
and pluck a violet for my grave,
and with your soulful glances
look softly down upon me.

Shed a tear for me, and oh! feel no shame
about giving it to me,
in my diadem
it will be the fairest pearl.

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  1. 1993 was a godawful year for big losses to the vocal world, but these are great, thanks for posting.


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