Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Additional Agrippina from Liceu

Here are three "fan" videos from Handel's Agrippina from Liceu. Aren't smartphones wonderful? (although the sound is a bit wonky on the Danielle clip.)


  1. a bit unrelated, but today at 8am east coast time Marlin Hartelius is singing live as Eurydice from Paris, you can find link at francemusique.fr . (and it's Sarah Connolly instead of Connelly.)

    1. 1. Thanks for the reminder. Oddly I woke up about 15 minutes ago feeling like there was something I needed to do (besides look for a job!) This is a time when I wish Eurydice had a bigger part!!

      2. Thanks for the correction. I usually catch that but this time I was worrying for some reason about spelling Dannielle De Niese, and Connolly slipped right past! :-)

    2. 3. Franco Fagioli as Orfeo and Laurence Equilbey's conduction are also pretty good reasons to listen to that broadcast. If they go according to pattern, france musique will make the recording avaiable for replay for 30 more days. Merry Christmas!

    3. good morning, how was it? did you have a chance to listen live? 8am was a bit beyond my reach.. so i'll have to come back a bit later once the re-listen button pops up. apparently we can also listen again to day to this same concert agrippina as you probably have seen the schedule on worldconcerthall.. though i couldn't find the actual link at rtve.es/radio/ at all..

    4. It was WONDerful!! Though it was strange hearing it in Italian again.

      Try http://www.rtve.es/radio/radioclasica/ for Agrippina. I still can't figure or track down an archive of it. but there is enough video from Liceu that they MUST be planning a video broadcast at some point.

      For Orfeo, try going right to http://www.francemusique.fr/player, where I think you can listen right now.

  2. i finally making it to Orfeo, greeeeat music!! it's quite interesting Hartelius' sound is actually quite closed to Franco Fagioli's . All the live ones i've attended / heard were in italian, so i'm getting used to it by now... I would have liked the hell scene to be a bit more viscious... currently on duet, super lovely!! (ps- happy thanksgiving! apparently we're working as usual in empty lab here..)

    1. Fagioli has a real mezzo/contralto sound, which fits well with Hartelius' voice, and of course she is pretty good at that HIP sound, too. In fact (and I plan a separate post on this) Fagioli reminds me of Marilyn Horne (my first, or maybe second Orfeo) when he goes down into chest voice. He is quite amazing.

      I am glad you're enjoying the performance. (happy thaknsgiving to you, too. We did a 600-mile round-trip to see our kids.)

      There is a wonderful Robert Wilson (if you like the color blue) staging with John Eliot Gardiner , the Monteverdi Choir and Orch and Magdelena Kozena of the french (more or less the Berlioz) Orphee version
      (he also made an audio recording it with ASvO)
      both of which are also amazing.


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