Tuesday, November 5, 2013

There’s an App for That – Arte Live Web

Thanks to the magic of technology, you can now watch/listen to Arte Live Web programs on your Smartphone (iPhone, Android, or Windows.) All of the same programming is available on the go—if you can pick it up online, you can pick it up on your phone.

Obviously, the tiny screen is a disadvantage, but the sound quality is good, and it’s handy for those times you cannot sit glued to your desktop or laptop. Generally I am happy with this app (it’s free, so it’s hard to complain too much!)  However, currently, on my iPhone app, the image does not shift when I turn the phone to watch in landscape aspect—it stays in tiny letterboxed portrait. This may be an iOS 7 glitch, since it worked before the update. (Is that a familiar song, or no?) This is not as big a deal with instrumental concerts, but it absolutely suc is a pain in the neck when trying to watch an opera.
The default language for the app is French, though you can scroll to the bottom of the site to select German (my language of choice for my Web-browser.)

Browsing for programs is a bit cumbersome, as the app seems to only want to show you the most recent ones. It works best if you already know what you want to see, because you can actually search for programs. Arte Live Web offers a really broad spectrum of video entertainment—lots of opera and concerts, and pop and folk music too. And now there’s an app for that.  

Speaking of "tech," here's Laika the Spacedog by Russell Hepplewhite, as performed by the English Touring Opera at the Armel Opera Festival last month. Abigail Kelly and Edward Lee are featured performers.

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