Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post Number 500* – What's Up with Mojca Erdmann?

Yes, she's gorgeous; but 
can she sing (this week)?
This fall, Mojca Erdmann (recently named the "Hottest Female in Opera" by Operagasm) quietly disappeared from two different productions of Der Rosenkavalier (in Vienna and most recently in New York), and I'm wondering: what's up with that? 

I did see one reference to her being "sick" (yes, "sick" in quotation marks).  So, I searched for Mojca Erdmann sick, Mojca Erdmann illness, Mojca Erdmann cancellation, and Mojca Erdmann replacement, with no results. 

Finally, by accident, I found the statement (back at Operagasm again) that Ms. Erdmann "is still recovering from a recent case of pneumonia." So I searched Mojca Erdmann pneumonia, and found the same basic statement on a few other sites.

Pneumonia sucks, and is very dangerous, especially for a singer, but if Mojca Erdmann really had pneumonia, why don't we know that without sifting through the blogosphere? Does she have pneumonia, or "pneumonia?" Silence breeds suspicion; and opera fans are curious. This one is, anyway.

*In which RnR gets a little gossipy curious.

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