Wednesday, November 27, 2013

More Gerald Finley; More Master Classes

Gerald Finley takes a more technical approach in this master class at the Royal College of Music (Sept. 2013) than some (say, JDD, for example) other artists might. I think he's brave to mess with a singer's technique. He does seem to approach gently, but personally, I think he talks too much. I'd rather hear the singer spend more time working with his concepts than hear the concepts stated over again. 

On the other hand, as he goes along, building on the work that's been done, we begin to understand where he's going: "Be careful. Remember that your instrument is already beautiful, if you don't get in the way." 

One thing Mr. Finley reminds me is the irony of music:  singers frequently are encouraged to emulate a violin or cello, or clarinet; and instrumentalists are always exhorted to sing!

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