Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mozart Monday – Remy Mathieu Sings Arbace

While watching the production of Thomas’ Hamlet from La Monnaie a few weeks ago, my attention was drawn to the tenor singing the role of Laertes, and I thought to myself, "This is someone to keep an eye on."

Apparently, I’ve thought that before, since I mentioned Remy Mathieu's performance last year in my review of the world premiere of Thierry Escaich’s Claude at Lyon. M. Mathieu also was one of the young discoveries of 2013 in révélation classique de l'Adami 2013

I think he has a lot of promise, and I try never to be negative, particularly about a relative newcomer. However, this is not the performance I would have chosen to highlight him. It’s not exactly a forgiving aria. In fact, who even thinks of singing this aria in recital? Half the time it’s cut from "full-length" performances of Idomeneo

Anyway, Remy has a really nice voice, and does some lovely singing here, but he doesn't handle this coloratura as smoothly as one might wish (On the other hand, in searching YT, I had trouble finding any tenor who didn't struggle with this aria. Although, I do have one quite fine recording of this aria in my own collection. More about that later.

I was more impressed with his operatic performances mentioned above, but I think it’s worth keeping an eye and ear out to find out what he does next. Meanwhile, this is the only clip we can find of him so far

Well, they let me embed it, but it won't play here. Click this link: 

Se il tuo duol, se il mio desio
Se'nvolassero del pari
A ubbidirti qual son io
Saria il duol pronto a fuggir.
Quali a trono sian compagni
Chi l'ambisce or veda e impari
Stia lontan, o non si lagni
Se non trova che martir.

If your grief and my desire to serve you
should take equal flight
your sorrow would speedily vanish.
Those who are close to the throne,
who covet it. let them see, and learn,
stay far away or not complain,
if they find nothing but anguish.

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