Friday, December 7, 2012

Gratuitous Friday – Malin Hartelius Sings Mozart's Alleluia

More gorgeous singing by the always-wonderful Malin Hartelius. The recording is a bit dicey (another iPhone recording?) It's too far back in a very very live space; it almost gives the illusion of multiple Malins.
Too much of a good thing? I think not! Listen through the echo. I think it's worth the effort. Enjoy!

From Mozart's Exulatate Jubilate: Alleluia!


  1. When I "discovered" Hartelius I was surprised that she seemed to elicit few if any comments on Opera L or the Met's Standing Room site. Of the latter I shouldn't have been surprised since it is very Met centric and she not sung there although after reading all the reviews of their latest revival of Nozze di Figaro it would appear that she should have been engaged. Besides being drop-dead beautiful she is blessed with a gorgeous instrument. Indeed her performance of the Countess in Nozze is the only one to reflect the social differences between the former Rosina and Susanna. Not since Schwarzkopf..............Zurich Oper seems to be the only showcase for her talents. God knows the Met could use her but for the size of the house which is probably the reason a lot of singers would prefer to stay in Europe.

    1. Malin Hartelius is a goddess!!

      She does perform in other venues, but only within a limited radius of Zurich. I think I read that she prefers to work close to home.

      Thanks for your comments David!


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