Monday, February 4, 2013

More Live Broadcasts – JDD’s Drama Queens Today

Clearly I need to take the day off and stay home to listen to European radio broadcasts. In addition to the Dorothea Röschmann program from Italy, now we find that Joyce diDonato’s Drama Queens program will be broadcast live from Brussels by RTBF Musiq3. My French is worse than elementary, but it looks like they archive many of their programs (Réécoutez les podcasts de l'émission).  So enjoy live (8 PM Brussels time) or hope they do actually post a podcaste de l'émission of this concert. 


  1. Hey! voici le podcast:

    1. Woohoo! (or I guess if we're all French today: wouhou!)

    2. Réjouissons-nous et soyez heureux!!! (thank you Google Translate!)


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