Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Stuff Overheard at the Opera Cinema

I think all people who want to talk to each other
on the bus, 
the metro, in a restaurant, in a theater (film, concert or opera), whether friend or stranger, should have to sit next to each other. 

And their speaking voices should inaudible more than five feet away from them.

Front row conversation snippets overheard from the back row at the La Boheme screening:

“Well, Kaufmann was good in Lohengrin, but I hated the production.” 
(Herr Guth will be so disappointed to hear that.)

“I have two Kaufmann CDs!” 
(Big whoop. My Wagner disc is winging its way to me as you speak.)

“It cost me $300 to take my wife to the Met.” 
(Wife? Who is he kidding?)

“300 bucks? I’ve seen operas at the Met for 25 bucks.” 
(Yay for you!)

Oh, the last minute seats?” 
(No, in the Grand Tier! Of course the last-minute seats!) 

I do have to say they all had the common sense and courtesy to stop talking during the actual opera. I'm not always grumpy and intolerant. Only when I am around other people in public places! 

Incidentally, we were there to watch the Royal Opera House performance of La Boheme. It's a lovely, traditional, literal production. Here is one of the behind-the-scenes clips they showed during the intervals:

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