Monday, February 18, 2013

Other People's Blogs

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Now and then I share some blog posts I wish I had written. Sometimes they're deep, thoughtful, spiritual, analytic, or just silly. I try to be as up to date as possible, but I also rely on fellow bloggers for the most up-to-date information, conversation, and entertainment. Today I am sharing links to posts in which other bloggers have simply scooped me. So here is some stuff  I recommend for your blog-reading enjoyment and enlightenment.  

I mentioned Joyce DiDonato’s Julliard master class when it was publicized recently. The class was streamed live by Julliard, and we JDD fans have been watching for the release of the videos for those of us who actually had to work during the time of the master class. They've been released, and over at The Eyes Have It, Eyesometric posted links.

At Dorothea Röschmann – An Appreciation, is a notice about an upcoming album of Berg and Schoenberg.  This looks like it’s the same program reviewed by the Earworm a while back (this post also contains one of the Earworm's occasional and delightful boondoggling conversations with her readers). The Earworm's post is also an Appreciation of DR. I can't find out anything about the CD yet at the Deutsche Grammophon site.

I posted about it before it was released, and put up a clip last week on Gratuitous Friday, but Capriccio scooped me with a full review of Jonas Kaufmann's new Wagner CD. And speaking of JK, Zerbinetta reviewed his Princeton recital, and has provided us with a guide to understanding the Leitmotivs in Wagner's Parsifal. Zerbinetta has also given us a brief comparison of JK with that other major Wagnerian tenor (who is wonderful and vocally could only be less like JK if he were a soprano.)

Happy blog-browsing!


  1. Boondoggling!

    I fully intend to watch those JDD masterclass videos tomorrow when I ought to be grading. (I'm really curious what she's like as a teacher rather than a performer.)

    1. Peripatetic?

      Me too. Also, though I am sure she is, just because someone is a good singer doesn't automatically make them a good teacher or vocal coach. Conversely, good vocal coaches don't necessarily have to excel at the art (James Levine.)

  2. Get over there, earworm - it's terrific!

    1. Must not go and watch JDD . . . must not . . . have to grade papers . . .

      [I will read 1/10 of the papers, and then I will watch the videos]

    2. The video is in chunks (i believe) so you can alternate. Paper, JDD, paper, JDD, JDD, paper, JDD, JDD, JDD, JDD!

    3. I wonder if this will cause me to give the students better grades or worse ones than I would if JDD was not in the picture? (I think better: she puts me in a good mood)


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