Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Brunch – Nina Stemme Singt Wagner

OK, no more JK (or Lohengrin) for a few days, 
but here is more Wagner. This clip is a gorgeous performance of the third Wesendonck Lied, Im Treibhaus, in its original guise.

Nina Stemme is accompanied at the piano by Josef de Beenhouwer. 


  1. Stemme has such a big massive amazing voice - so wonderful for stuff like Wagner and Mahler and Strauss. And Verdi. (There was a live broadcast of a recital of hers a while back - wish I'd recorded it, but technology/circumstances did not permit.)

    1. And yet, she also is able to sing so lightly and delicately. All five WesenLieder are on YT. I have her Tristan und Isolde with Domingo and I really must spend some time with it. After the Wesendoncks and Vier Letzte. (so much music, so little time!)

    2. I have to check out the Wesendock. Also, she did a recording of Fidelio with Kaufmann - how I'd like to get my hands on that!


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