Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Joyce DiDonato and Opera21

Our Yankee Diva Joyce DiDonato, who is so supportive of young singers and young opera lovers alike, has brought our attention to a new online magazine called Opera21 (a Magazine for the 21st Century Opera Enthusiast.) In doing so, she shared a letter she wrote to the editors of Opera21 that reflect the thoughts of many opera lovers (and possibly even more those of opera singers) as well as those of Regie, Not Regie about opera and life in general. In her articulate, warm, and funny letter, JDD advises in part (italics are mine): 
...may I offer one word of caution, or request one small favor?  Please don’t become a snob. Please just resist that urge should it rear its ugly head. It’s not cool, definitely not attractive, and terribly, terribly boring. No matter how much you know, or how much you see and hear, and no matter how strong your opinions are, please don’t flirt with that imperial “level of knowing” where you stop listening, stop feeling, and stop learning. By all means, be critical if you like, but please consider offering your opinions with grace and elegance. In other words, “Stay classy.” Trust me, it will enhance your operatic experience by miles.
JDD's letter leads off the February issue of Opera21—just the fourth issue of this young publication. The magazine was started in November 2012. It is edited and published by an opera lover and an opera singer, and the material is written by the readers. 
Opera21 is a collaborative online magazine that is geared towards the 21st century audience.  We publish in two formats: articles are published on Tumblr on a rolling basis, along with other relevant posts, and a monthly issue is published on the 15th of each month in the form of a .pdf.  Anyone is welcome to submit and we welcome new writers!
Their approach is refreshing: not over-serious, but with just the right touch of humor. Here is one of the writer submission guidelines:
There are no definite rules on length or writing style (ball park of 500-1000 words would be nice), but we will not be publishing your 80 page exposition on the psyche of Otello.
Check out this new angle on opera journalism. The writing is uneven, but entertaining. You can subscribe via Tumblr, email, or at the digital publishing platform Issuu.


  1. She's utterly right on about snobbery.

    1. She is very cool, definitely attractive, and never, never boring!


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