Monday, August 5, 2013

3sat Television Online – Salzburg's Seasons and Mastersingers

Dorothea Röschmann and Michael Schade 
I was watching Haydn's The Seasons from Salzburg again. It is an über-Austrian wonder of music making, with Nickolaus Harnoncourt, Dorothea Röschmann, Michael Schade, and Florian Boesch fronting the Viennese chorus and Philharmonic. Papa Haydn would be proud! The oratorio is a hymn of praise to God and nature. The libretto is kind of hokey—maybe naïve would be a nicer way to say it—but the three soloists give it their all.

Unfortunately, the 3sat Television feed kept freezing. The good thing is the screen-cap above. When the feed froze on this image, I just knew I had to share ittwo singers who love what they’re doing, and seem to love singing together. Here is the link to the Seasons feed.

While you are over at, look for the new Meistersinger, also from Salzburg. It looks like Stefan Herheim is starting to lean more towards traditional. The performance stars a consummate Beckmesser as Hans Sachs—Michael Volle. Filling Beckmesser’s shoes is Markus Werba (a recent Don Giovanni in Paris), and Roberto Saccà is Walther.  

To view the videos at, make sure you have Quicktime loaded for your internet browser of choice, and select the Mpg4/h264 option.


  1. I had some trouble with the feed freezing too - it seemed to stop every 20 minutes or so just to check if I was still paying attention. Which I was!

    1. I find if it does freeze, it's best to ignore it and do something else. Then jump out of your skin when the music starts up again suddenly! At least we can sort of see the 3sat stuff now. Because someone posted Meistersinger on YT, I was able to snag it for later viewing. I don't think the Haydn will be popular enough for someone to do that, which is too bad. It's a lovely, delightful performance!


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