Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Brunch – Dorothea Röschmann sings Mahler at the Salzburg Festival

So I just “discovered” Austria’s Ö1 webradio. They broadcast a good bit (if not all) of the Salzburg Summer Festival. I found this out while searching for a broadcast of Cosi fan tutte. Not only do they broadcast live, but they hold recordings in archive for a short period of time. 

This is how I got to hear DR singing the last movement of Mahler's 4th Symphony – exquisitely as always  from the Salzburg Festival. And now you can hear it, too. 

I don’t always think of a timbre like hers for this particular song. Often we hear a lighter, more child-like voice. (And sometimes, even an actual child, though that does not usually work as well.) However, she evokes both the innocence and the odd Mahlerian darkness of this little piece. Yet another example of Dorothea Röschmann’s exemplary vocal artistry. Enjoy!

You can hear Verdi's Giovanna d'Arco at Ö1, too. 


  1. Boss! And ooh, hey look, another Verdi Requiem :-) Thanks Rob!

    1. Sure thing! We all need more music to listen too, and of course, more reasons to hang out in front of the computer some more. :)

    2. I'm streaming these things at work to see what it takes for the IT people to release their killer nanobots.

    3. You're such a radical!! Good luck, we're all counting on you.


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