Thursday, August 29, 2013

Salzburger Festpiele Yearbook Photo – The Cast of Don Carlo

Because a lot of my facebook peeps are clergy and/or church-related folk, this photo kind of blended into my timeline. But something looked a little different—it mighta been that golden guy. This pic was nicked from Thomas Hampson's Facebook page. It's nice to see the whole gang together and smiling.


  1. Ddollingerd@aol.comAugust 29, 2013 at 9:54 PM

    I wrote an e-mail to Kaufmann's rep expressing some concern with regard to the tenor's switch to Sony, a company with barely a toehold in the DVD business. Surpringly I received a very quick response that both the Don Carlo and last year's Ariadne would be appearing on DVD. I hope this is gospel. The YouTube clips of the revival of ROH DC were far superior to Villazon and while I still disliked the production there is no question that my dislike would have been tempered with the presence of the great tenor. As regards Ariadne, it would be difficult to imagine a better tenor. God knows Strauss may have disliked them but the idea of one who could actually sing the music!!!? At any I hope that this was not just hoo hah from the rep and that they don't drag their feet in releasing both operas.

    Indicentally I assume it has Hampson who was taking the grouup picture?

    1. Glad to hear 'bout Sony. Of course, most companies loan artists out, especially for video productions.

      I bet it was Mr. Hampson's daughter, Catherine Pisaroni who took the picture, since he is actually in it (behind Pappano); plus Catherine is the one who tagged all the people in the photo.


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