Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed – Salzburg Festival "Cosi"

© Michael Pöhn
SN: Sie haben alle Da-Ponte-Opern in Zürich inszeniert.... Stimmt, was Intendant Alexander Pereira versichert: In Salzburg wird alles ganz und gar neu?

Bechtolf: Das weiß ich noch nicht.* 
Now we know. The answer to the burning question (well, my burning question) is here. What did Sven-Eric Bechtolf do to upgrade his 2009 Zurich Cosi fan tutte for the 2013 Salzburg Festival?

Not too much. Alles ist nicht ganz und gar neu. It's the same production. Except the set and costumes are fancier and more colorful. And the poison is green.

That's not the worst thing in the world. That production was really  good. And of course, I'm still looking forward to hearing it. The cast includes RnR favorites Malin Hartelius, Luca Pisaroni, Gerald Finley, and Martin Mitterrutzner. Tune in to Austria's 
Ö1 Radio on Saturday for the live transmission.

*SN: You have staged all of the Da Ponte operas in Zurich..Is it true what director Alexander Pereira assured: In Salzburg, everything is totally new? 

Bechtholf: I don't know yet. 
From the Salzburger Nachrichen, July 21, 2013

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  1. Well, if the poison is green, interpretively that puts a new spin on the thing. Or not. (probably not)

    1. Green for envy? In one photo, it looks like maybe Don Alfonso gets the poison this time. Hey, how about an audience participation Cosi, where we get to decide: who ends up with whom; and who, if anyone, drinks the kool-aid.

    2. That might be really fun. Or we can vote people out of the opera as the performance goes on.

    3. Well, yeah, but the Cosi cast is already pretty small. Maybe we need to try that approach with something like Rosenkavalier or Boris Godunov.

    4. Ha!

      "At the very end of the opera, Bechtholf departed from the original and had Alfonso take a drink, which unbeknownst to him was the poison that Guglielmo had brought to the proceedings. The result? Alfonso, to the surprise of all, dropped "dead" to the floor."

      I dare say Alfonso "deserves" it more than Fiordiligi does!


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