Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why I still love print media...

 …because treats like this show up unexpectedly in my mailbox: 

And, it's a great interview—not just the same old same old rehashed. Unfortunately they misidentify a photo from Don Carlos with Anja Harteros as being an Adriana Lecouvreur production with Angela Gheorghiu...Philistines 


  1. I just ordered this yesterday. The online intro to the interview has me, uh, eagerly anticipating its arrival.

    Sigh.....I'm so jealous...

    1. Be patient. I keep forgetting I even subscribed to the magazine, so it's extra fun when it arrives. It's really a big CD catalog with some articles, but I don't care. It's still an entertaining read. Hang in there, it will be there soon!

    2. You are very harsh, Rob. "A big CD catalog with some articles". The magazine has a decent advertizing to content ratio--and better in fact than many other magazines--and the articles tend to be good, often taking an unusual perspective or covering the topics not usually covered in other music magazines. Q&As are often more interesting than in, say, Gramophone or BBC Music Magazine.

      I have contributed to one issue -- this past one, with Yuja Wang -- and as far as the freelance writer experience goes, this one was among the better ones I had.

      But kudos to you for being a subscriber (even though the one who's not a reader--unless a favourite star is on the cover :).

    3. Yeah I guess that was pretty harsh, and if I were to review the magazine, I certainly wouldn't use that summary as the headline. I do appreciate that all the ads have SOMEthing to do with music -- it makes me much happier than Rolex and Lexus ads. I mean, these ads are for stuff I'd actually buy.

      And I DID read two other articles (the one about Beethoven and the online learning essay, which was amusing AND informative) and all the reviews last night. (I will get to the Wagner article tonight probably. :)

      I'm impressed that you're published there. I will have to go online and buy a copy, since that issue never found me... probably because I've moved twice in the past six months!

      So, I take back my harsh critique (and I know you were kind of teasing me.) As I observed above, the JK interview contains refreshingly new information, not simply the same old stuff rehashed. The interviewer actually asked thoughtful questions.

      Listen Magazine -- Read it! :)

    4. :) I was teasing a bit yes.

      They are owned by Arkiv, so there are bound to be a lot of ads for recordings, but I think they're keeping a good balance overall. And there is no editorial interference from the owner and chief advertiser, as far as I can tell.

      For their fall issue, I did a profile of one of the conductors that I adore but who is relatively unknown in North America--Laurence Equilbey, whose Orfeo you've been listening. I pitched, the editor replied, and so it went.

      About time some of our bands invited her to conduct here... COC? Glimmerglass? Some orchestra? My travel budget will get in some serious stretch-a-roo unless some invitations start flying across the ocean soon.

    5. I can't wait to read the article. I first came across her with the Dvorak Requiem recording, then a performance (on Arte?) of the Faure Requiem.And I am LOVING the Orfeo!

  2. I adore that Dvorak and that Faure. I listed Dvorak as one of her essentials in the profile. You can read the PDF of the article here, without going through the trouble of getting the old issue:


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