Thursday, December 26, 2013

La Traviata from La Scala – Final Note (maybe)

Yesterday, the subject of Apropos Musik (Ö1 Radio – available in archive for another six days) was a 1.5-hour program of excerpts from the newest La Scala La Traviata. (The announcer mentions at the end that Beczala, Tcherniakov and Gatti were booed. I didn’t notice Gatti’s boos. I think any boos for Beczala and Gatti were actually meant for Tcherniakov, but slightly off target!) 

I suggested in my review(s) of this production that a radio broadcast would be much more satisfying, and this program confirms my suspicions. I really wanted to appreciate Tcherniakov's concept. But I was unconvinced, especially when watching the singers struggle with the concept themselves, and I was distracted from the primary attraction of opera: the singing. Listening to these excerpts, I found it well-sung; and without the annoying staging, I really enjoyed it a lot more. 

Anyway, all of this is to recommend listening to this edition of Apropos Musik. I also am going out on a limb to suggest that you try simply listening to the online video of this production. (Meanwhile, I am drafting a post about listening/feeling versus thinking at the opera. My current thoughts may be surprising to my readers.) 

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