Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Nifty Noel Concert from Laurence Equilbey and her Merry Band

Here's a classical antidote to "[somebody's] favorite pop starts trash your favorite Christmas songs" programs that are so hard to avoid this time of year. Actually, a lot of this music is not specifically Christmas music, but it's all lovely and lovingly performed. I've posted one of the Pavol Breslik solos before, not realizing it's from this concert. Nathalie Stutzman and Sandrine Piau are also featured in this concert.

If you've never heard of Laurence Equilbey or her chamber choir, Accentus, take an hour to treat yourself to some beautiful music: solos, duets, orchestral, and choral (with and without orchestra) selections make for a nice variety of calm seasonal cheer. 

Special thanks go out to Defintely the Opera for reminding me of Ms. Equilbey and her recordings, and for pointing out that she is also at the helm of my new favorite Orfeo ed Eurydice (which is still available for listening till Boxing Day)!  Not to mention a beautiful performance of Mozart's Mass in C Minor.

Edit 12/25/2017: This little gem of a Christmas concert has disappeared from the Tube of You in it's full-concert form, although individual bits of it are still there. In fact there are many videos of Maestra Equilby's performances. As a holiday consolation, here is a video of a more recent performance of Bach's Christmas Oratorio:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


  1. Her last two Handels are ripe for GIFs.

    1. Word.She does look more than a bit maniacal.


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