Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Orfeo/Orphee Comparo Edition (Part 1)

Franco Fagioli
So I keep listening to the new Orfeo broadcast, and I keep trying to figure out who Franco Fagioli reminds me of. While I was thinking, I decided to post the Act 3 duet, so we can all hear how well his voice blends with Malin Hartelius. What a lovely combo!

After a few listens, I realized that Fagioli kind of reminds me of Marilyn Horne. Wait, I know that sounds weird, but when he goes into his awesome chest voice...well, here is MH with Pilar Lorengar for comparison:

And just for good measure and because I was listening to all the different recordings I have, here are Richard Croft and Mireille Delunsch singing the French version. Have I mentioned that I think Richard Croft is a musical god?

And finally, Berlioz must have his say, too. So here are Anne Sofie von Otter and Barbara Hendricks:

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