Monday, January 7, 2013

Monteverdi Monday – 1610 Vespers: Duo Seraphim/Tres sunt

This is not opera, but it sure is operatic. This is another selection from the 1610 Vespers, one of the "concertos" that are sung in between the choral psalms. I believe the Vespers are to Monteverdi;s operas are what Verdi’s Requeim is to his operas. This is also another selection from Christina Pluhar's energetic recording of the Vespers with L'arpeggiata and a host of early music singers. No big names in this excerpt, but they do a great job. 

I have always loved the crunchy harmonies and florid runs that represent the two angels flying around and singing praises and generally being rowdy. Then a third tenor comes in to add to the fun. Happy Monday!

Tenors: Emiliano Gonzalez Toro, 
Fernando Guimarães, & Jan van Elsacker 
L'Arpeggiata, Christina Pluhar

Also from the 1610 Vespers: Psalm 122: Laetatus Sum (a sei voci)

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