Thursday, January 3, 2013

FB is for Fanboy…and for Facebook

So, where is a good place for a fanboy to track down his 
favorite singers and find out what they’re up to? Well, if said singers have a Facebook page, that’s a good place to start. 
I found out about the New Year’s Eve Beethoven’s Ninth broadcast in Leipzig from Malin Hartelius’ Facebook page. 
A note on Ann Hallenberg's page alerted me to a stylish performance of Mozart's C minor Mass. And I keep up to date on Luca Pisaroni with his frequent posts. (Luca's dogs, Lenny and Tristan, post even more than he does!) 

Here, in no particular order, are some of my vict…um, obses…er, favorite singers (and dogs) who also happen to have Facebook pages. 

You can find other singers at FB, but many of the pages are either fan sites, or place-savers created by Facebook. The ones I've linked here (as far as I can tell) are legitimate personal pages for these singers (and dogs).


  1. Simon Keenlyside doesn't "do" computers. His is a fan page.

    One that is genuine and well used is Joseph Calleja:

    There is also Piotr Beczala:

    Iestyn Davies:

    1. Thanks, Mamascarlatti, for the heads-up. I should have looked a teensy bit more carefully. :)


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