Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gerald Finley Live from Wigmore Hall – Singing Schubert & Mahler

Update 7 PM EDT: The recital is now available at iPlayer. Click on the same BBC link below. You can listen to it there for the next 7 days.

On BBC Radio 3 today
@ 19:30 London time.

Gerald Finley, baritone
Julius Drake, piano


Der Strom 
Der blinde Knabe 
Im Frühling 
Grenzen der Menschheit 
An Schwager Kronos 
Der Zwerg 
Der Schiffer 
Der Kreuzzug 
Der Einsame 


Mahler: From Des Knaben Wunderhorn:
Der Schildwache Nachtlied
Nicht wiedersehen!
Des Antonius von Padua Fischpredigt
Wo die schönen Trompeten blasen
Ablösung im Sommer
Zu Straßburg auf der Schanz
Lob des hohen Verstandes

Live from Wigmore Hall, London. After the live broadcast today, it should be available on BBC 3 iPlayer Radio for about six more days.  


  1. A thousand thanks for bringing this to my attention! Finley was wonderful (I hope some excerpts will pop up on YT) as usual.

    1. You're welcome. I caught the end of each set. (Boy it's annoying to have to actually work at work!!) I heard a bit of the Schubert and most of the Mahler. It was wonderful. Mr. Finley is such a smooth suave singer. He gave us a truly frightening Erlkönig; and a fun "Lob des hohen Verstandes" (among other treasures!)

      According to BBC 3, the recital "will be available soon," presumably archived in iPlayer for a few days.

  2. Looking forward to hearing this when it turns up on iPlayer! (Yeah, working at work . . . it's a drag. I do too much not-working at work, which means that I am often working on weekends. It evens out eventually.)

    (This is earwormopera, btw: having some weird issues with blogger at the moment.)

    1. Hi! It's available now. "Weird issues with blogger" is kind of a redundant statement, but I don't feel motivated enough to switch to another site.


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