Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Kaufmann: Why Wagner? Why Now? (Why Not?)

OK, OK, I know it looks like this blog is turning into a Jonas Kaufmann Fansite. But really, it’s just timing. I hadn't planned to post at all today, but right there on Facebook was this Decca promo video for his new Wagner album. And it would simply be irresponsible to not share it!

It’s a great preview of the recording, and of course, Herr Kaufmann always has something interesting to say. (Maybe he doesn’t, but it always sounds interesting when JK is saying it.) It turns out his love of Wagner was inspired by his Grandfather, Fritz. (Isn’t every German grandfather named Fritz?) 

I was surprised the other day to see the Wesendonck Lieder listed for this recording, and JK confirms that they’re (almost) always sung by women. I don’t know if this is a first, but it certainly is a rarity to hear a male voice in these beautiful songs. Anyway, here’s another teaser while we wait for the album to come out. 

Oh and by the way, I just noticed that La Scala made YouTube take down that Lohengrin. But keep a lookout; I’m sure it will pop up somewhere. And I am sure there will eventually be a DVD. Sign me up!


  1. Thanks for providing the Decca promo. Now if we can persuade someone in charge to engineer a Meistersinger with Kaufmann, Harteros and Pape (as Sachs, please); it could open Scala next December. Barenboim conducting, obviously! Of course I am referring to a DVD.

    1. My pleasure. And if Harteros is indisposed again, maybe Annette Dasch will cover, or I hear Dorothea Röschmann sings a super Eva.

      Maybe Michael Volle as Beckmesser, as he does not get nearly as much exposure as he deserves, and he's a great Beckmesser. I don't know if anyone would do it, but after seeing Samuel Youn as the Heerufer in the rat-Lohengrin, I think he's got the attitude for Beckmesser.

      Anyone have ideas for Magdalene? Oh Oh Oh. Jamie Barton! She was awesome in the 2012 Richard Tucker gala. I just looked at her website ( to see if was singing any Wagner yet, and guess what? She's doing Magdalene in Chicago, next month!


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