Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Not Really About the Music At All (OK, maybe a little)

Thomas Tatzl as Figaro
The Opera Chic notes in her post today
Austrian bass Thomas Tatzl...probably declines invitations from Abercrombie's street team recruiters every time he treads the pavement. 
My first thought was, "Hey check him out." My second thought was, "Yeah but can he sing and/or act?" 

Watching this promo video for the Operklosterneuburg production of Nozze di Figaro, my third thought was, "Who cares?"  

This is a very enticing little promo: Opera as Fashion (or is it Fashion as Opera?) Of course, I need no enticement to hear/see Figaro. It's my all-time favorite opera. But if I had never even seen or heard of Mozart or opera, this promo would make me want to find out more.

I wonder if the Operklosterneuburg productions are any good. They sure look pretty! So far all we know about Herr Tatzl is that he's pretty darned good looking. OK, actually, if you go to his website, you can hear two audio samples that reveal a lovely smooth light bass-baritone: one of Papageno's arias from Das Labyrinth, and a song by Ralph Vaughah Williams.

Meanwhile, OC has promised she will soon release a review of Herr Tatzl’s recent performance in Beethoven’s Ninth in Milan in her Grazia.it column.

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