Saturday, January 26, 2013

Commentary on Blog Post Comment Chats (off topic)

I love the conversations that get started by blog posts; and I love how they frequently veer wildly away from the original topic—or even split in two. A few weeks ago,  a lengthy discussion was prompted by a brief comment on opera in English. The final discussion actually had little to do with language at all, but not only was it a lively discussion on the original post; it prompted new posts on a few other blogs. My post was on etiquette,  rather than on language, but the language discussion continued there as well.

This week I’ve been enjoying a discussion of La Clemenza di Tito, which did indeed start on a related post. But the conversation has broadened considerably. I write now and then about blog-erarderie (a lot lately, it seems) and I just can’t say it enough: there really is a wonderful potential for community, camaraderie, and conviviality on line. And, our discussion prompted me to sit and watch the entire 2003 Salzburg performance of LCdT (which was originally on TDK, appears in the M22 complete set, and now is available from Arthaus.) And watching/listening to more opera is always a good thing!

So don't forget to read the comments. Sometimes they are as interesting, or (dare I say) even more interesting than the original post. And you never know, you make make a new friend or two. 

Nothing to do with Opera


  1. You guys make blogging so much more fun.

    1. ...and you guys are part of the reason I started blogging!


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