Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Daniel Behle’s Lieder Surprise – Schubert's Nachthelle

No, it's not Schubert's hell-night! In German, hell means bright! I know; it's confusing. But the point is, imagine listening to a lovely recording of popular Schubert Lieder sung by a light romantic, lyrical tenor, and all of a sudden...there is a chorus singing—a four-part men’s chorus! 

I’d never heard this piece before and I think it's a beautiful gem. And it certainly was an unexpected surprise in a recording of Schubert Lieder for tenor and piano.  (Is it just me, or is Daniel Behle channeling a bit of  Daniel Craig in this photo?)

Die Nacht ist heiter und ist rein,
Im allerhellsten Glanz,
Die Häuser schau'n verwundert drein,
Steh'n übersilbert ganz.

In mir ist's hell so wunderbar,
So voll und übervoll,
Und waltet drinnen frei und klar,
Ganz ohne Leid und Groll.

Ich fass' in meinem Herzenshaus
Nicht all' das reiche Licht,
Es will hinaus, es muß hinaus,
Die letzte Schranke bricht.

Text by Johann Gabriel Seidl
English translation by Emily Ezust

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