Thursday, June 6, 2013

Additional Stupid Reviewer Comments

face palm by ~dancerher

OK gang, it's time for another round of Stupid Reviewer Comments. Have you been practicing your eye-rolls and face-palms? 

In Brief

A Hugh Disappointment
So sorry that Hugh didn’t like it.

…his aria is Picture Perfect
            Welcome to mixed-metaphor land.

Excellent review – I agree wholeheartedly, a great rectal.  
Proofread, proofread, proofread.

Keeping Up Appearances

Having cowboys and Indians mixed up on the set was plainly disgusting.

Cassily was wonderful despite in Act I his hair was sticking out.

This just in from the Ministry of Snarkasm

This is a good performance to watch for someone who doesn't know the opera at all, doesn't know great singing or conducting at all...

And finally, from our Slippery Disk correspondent

I didn't receive it yet. My five star rating is just a hope.

I just listen, and so never bother to watch these Blu-ray operas, so I can't say anything about what is going on outside of the singer's mouths.

This DVD edition was clearly made from a low resolution master designed for VHS duplication. I have not seen it…

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