Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Self-Appointed Censors – the Good News and the Bad News

Py's Trovatore with Jonas Kaufmann,  Alexey Markov, and Anja Harteros
The Bad News

They're baaaaack! Intermezzo reports that narrow-minded, Lebrechtian, I-haven't-seen-it-yet-but-I-already-hate-it operati (and most likely non-operati as well)
with tiny brains and too much time on their hands have been ranting that a new opera production nobody's even seen is 'not what the composer wanted'
The Bayrische Staatsoper’s new production of Verdi’s Il Trovatore hasn’t even opened yet, but nay-sayers flooded the Opera’s Facebook page not only with negative feedback about this production but also with ugly personal attacks on the artists and administrators.

The Good News

Intermezzo goes on to say:
As a result, the Bavarian State Opera have decreed that insults, defamation and insinuations will now be removed from their Facebook page without comment, and repeat offenders may be blocked.
Bravi to the administration there for nipping this kind of shtuff in the bud. Because I can't really say it any better, I will quote Intermezzo’s closing comments (bolding is mine):
I hope that other institutions will follow suit. Even when it's not actively hateful, this parroted 'criticism' is tiresomely negative and detracts from any real discussion. About time it was stopped in its tracks.
In other good news, the production (by Oliver Py, and starring Anja Harteros and Jonas Kaufmann) will be streamed live by the Bayrische Staatsoper on their Opern.TV website on July 5. I have to work that day but I will be doing my best to tune in!

Edited 06/26/2013, 10:25 AM:  The opening night on the 27th of June will be broadcast live on BR-Klassik radio at 7pm CET!! (That should be about 2 PM Eastern)

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