Friday, June 21, 2013

Gratuitous Friday – Kaufmann Sings Wagner (what? again!?)

A few weeks ago I published a notice about the radio broadcast of the Wagner birthday concert in Dresden. At the end of the post I wrote: 
There's also a video at ...I'm sure [someone] will get it out to a broader audience soon.

Of course, it was actually already there on YT. Here are the three Jonas Kaufmann excerpts from that concert: 

Allmächt'ger Vater, blick' herab! (Rienzi)

Inbrunst im Herzen (Rom-Erzählung, Tannhäuser)

In fernem Land (Gralserzählung, Lohengrin)


  1. Just watched this concert on YT...was dumbstruck by the Rome Narrative...thrilling, gorgeous. JK's singing/acting took me right onto the opera stage with him. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE MOUNT A TANNHAUSER FOR HIM,?!? He has said he's ready for it. I'd rather that than Otello, but that seems to be a done why not both? Wish I had the multi-millions to make the Met do a Tannhauser worthy of the great JK!

    1. Tannhauser instead of Othello? Count me in! Thanks for reading!


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