Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Brunch – Dorothea Röschmann Sings Bach

Bach B-minor MassLaudamus Te  
Alan Gilbert, New York Philharmonic
March 2013

It's interesting to note that DR started out singing early music. These days, her voice is not what I would usually expect or prefer in Bach. Her voice has become darker, fuller, and more vibrato-y. (Also, Maestro Gilbert seems to have more influence over his ripieno strings than his soloist. The solo violinist gives us Bach via Mendelssohn. Not wrong per se, just different.)

On the other hand, DR's singing is never less than musical, thoughtful, and artistic(al). What a joyful performance! 

Laudamus te – Soprano II

Laudamus te, 
benedicimus te,
Adoramus te, 
glorificamus te.
We praise You,
we bless You,
We worship You,
we glorify You.

Complete Recording Here
Dorothea Röschmann … Soprano
Anne Sofie von Otter … Mezzo Soprano
Steve Davislim … Tenor
Eric Owens … Bass
New York Choral Artists, Joseph Flummerfelt, Director
New York Philharmonic, Alan Gilbert


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