Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More About Snobbery

Following my recent snobbery post, Monday's bloggery post, and a wonderful commentary a few weeks back by our Yankee Diva*, I want to a share marvelous piece from John Terauds at Musical Toronto

Mr. Terauds based his list on a book snob list, substituting the words “classical music” every time he saw the word “book.” 

I think it works equally well, or even better, if you replace “classical music” with “opera.” (I will let you do that little mental exercise yourself.) Here are a few excerpts:
People should listen to classical music. 
Classical music is good. But many are intimidated. 
There is something innately snobby about the world of art music… is my message to classical music snobs:
3. If something is popular it can still be good. Just ask Mozart. Or the Beatles. Or peanut butter.
10. You don’t have to be serious about something to be serious about something.
15. Mozart didn’t go to university, and he loved fart jokes.
17. Freedom is a process of knocking down walls. Tyranny is a process of building them.
22. Never make someone feel bad for not having heard or played something. Music is (often) there to heal, not hurt.

You can find John Teraud’s full post and complete list here.

 *I know, it looks like this is becoming a Joyce DiDonato fan site, 
but it’s not…
I think…


  1. Eh, nothing wrong with a Joyce DiDonato fansite - I feel like I'm running one half the time too!

    Right on re: snobbery. The same thing is true with teaching - if you make someone feel bad for not knowing something, they will not be inclined to try to understand it.


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