Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gratuitous Malin Hartelius and Luca Pisaroni Post

An opera blog with the intriguing name Kinderkuchen for the FBI is published by an intriguing blogger known as Dr. B, who is a fellow musician, a fellow opera fan, and a fellow Jonas Kaufmann groupie. KftF is a source of thoughtful posts about opera, particularity in New York City, and the occasional helpfully translated article or interview. If you don't already, you should follow Dr. B. 

The latest KftF post points us to a tumblr site called operaselfies, which contains...well, selfies taken by opera singers. It's great fun, particularly since there is a heavy concentration of photos of and by Joyce DiDonato and Erwin Schrott. I have to say I am not sure the above photo of Malin and Luca counts as a selfie, but it's wonderful and it definitely illustrates the Opera Selfies motto: 

Opera singers are ridiculous.
This is why we love them. 


  1. He's clearly cleaning her ears ;-) one of those strange and secret warm-up exercises opera singers indulge in...

    1. Of course!! Why didn't I realize that!?

    2. a momentary slip ;-)

      btw, Kinderkuchen rocks! and operselfies... I think I'm going to change some of the very serious pictures for my reviews. Callas and other dignified singers would weep and are probably rolling in their dignified graves.


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