Monday, March 10, 2014

Just Another Manic Mozart (Sesto as Vitellia Part 2: Joyce DiDonato)

Sestos who would be awesome Vitellias. 

Well, last week we heard Vesselina Kasarova, and this week, we have Joyce DiDonato from the Met Orchestra concert last fall with James Levine. She really sounds like she's going mad, and not just angry that her plan didn’t work. 

I've a feeling JDD'd present a very human character—a Vitellia you'd actually feel sorry for by the end of the opera. It can't be an easy role to play (and I don't mean just vocally.) It seems hard to present Vitellia as anything other than a cold-hearted b...ahem, princess who’s totally bent on revenge; but somehow, I think JDD could do it. (Special thanks to the intrepid fan who captured this performance!)


  1. I would like to hear her as Vitellia as well. I have a feeling she will try it one day (especially after that interview with Janet Baker). I also think I will like her as Vitellia more than as Sesto. She's a good enough actress to make the transition from rabid vengeance to remorse which not many Vitellias manage to do convincingly.

    1. Hey! You made it past the blogger guards! Welcome! Wasn't that a great interview!?

  2. I forgot about this post :-) JDDs interviews are always good. She has many skills ;-)


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