Saturday, March 15, 2014

More Handel: Theodora from Carnegie Hall – This Sunday at 7

         The English Concert Plays Handel's Theodora

From the WQXR website:

Last month, early-music specialist Harry Bicket came to Carnegie Hall with the English Concert for the latest installment in their Handel project—the rarely heard oratorio Theodora.
Tune in Sunday at 7 pm to hear that performance featuring an all-star lineup of soloists: soprano Dorothea Röschmann, mezzo-soprano Sarah Connolly, countertenor David Daniels, tenor Kurt Streit and bass-baritone Neal Davies.
On choral duties is the Choir of Trinity Wall Street led by Julian Wachner.
Theodora was "Handel's biggest flop and the piece he was most proud of," according to Bicket. But then one could look at other works that "perhaps didn't have such a great reception the first time around and we now appreciate as the masterpieces that they are." Bicket called it a social-political story, influenced by Thomas Paine, among other thinkers, and also an introspective work.


  • The English Concert
    Harry Bicket, Artistic Director and Conductor
  • Dorothea Röschmann, Soprano (Theodora)
  • Sarah Connolly, Mezzo-Soprano (Irene)
  • David Daniels, Countertenor (Didymus)
  • Kurt Streit, Tenor (Septimius)
  • Neal Davies, Bass-Baritone (Valens)
  • The Choir of Trinity Wall Street
    Julian Wachner, Director of Music and the Arts

Update 3/17/2014: It's down there in the comments, but in case you don't make it that far, I wanted to call your attention to the following information from a blog buddy who shared the link to the WQXR archive of this broadcast: 

Wouldn't it be great if some radio station archived it online? Absolutely!


  1. Gah! The start time will be 12 o'clock on Monday for me and I will be at work, probably in meeeeeeetings! :-( Might there be some other way a poor, deprived southern hemisphere person could hear it?...

    1. well as a northern hemisphere person who will be otherwise theatrically engaged?...

  2. I'm going to record it (providing technology cooperates) and will be happy to share.

    1. Bless your heart, that would be wonderful :-) Perhaps I can do some baking by way of thanks and send you a photo?

    2. Me too also, what Earworm said.
      Also, at least two other public radio stations are broadcasting on other dates:
      Monday (tomorrow) at 7 -

      Next Sat (March 22) at 7 also

  3. Wouldn't it be great if One of us who has easy access and knowledge of technology to record and upload it for rest of us. I don't have the knowledge for sure so I am asking others.

    1. Yes it would. I forgot to tune in on time last night, so I came in part way through one of DR's arias. I am sure "someone" will get a full recording and figure a way to share it. (P.S. Thanks for reading my blog!)

      P.P.S. Jefferson Public Radio in Oregon will be broadcasting it on Friday March 21

    2. Wouldn't it be great if some radio station archived it online? Absolutely!

    3. So many broadcasts! No complaints here. (I am listening to it with my little computer recording widget doing its thing even now.)

    4. @stray: thank you! i was wondering if WQXR did that and I couldn't find out (I guess I wasn't looking hard enough!)
      @earworm: I just re-listened to the Schumann Faust scenes from Berlin, too.


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