Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kaufmann – Winterreise: The Recording & Werther: The Lost Audio

Those who were able to see the Live in HD broadcast of Massenet's Werther on Saturday witnessed the technical difficulty the Met experienced and missed the audio for a chunk of the finale. (Those of us listening to the radio broadcast at home heard the whole opera, but of course didn't get to see any of it.)

By way of apology, the Met posted the final scene from Saturday's broadcast. Thanks to Intermezzo for sharing this link. (This is why I keep up with other people's blogs.)

The BBC Radio 3 will be airing Saturday's radio broadcast on Monday afternoon (March 17) at 2 PM London time (6 PM U.S. Eastern time). 

Jonas Kaufmann was interviewed on the radio last week about his Met Werther, his brand new Winterreise recording, and live opera on video. (Sorry for the email chime in the middle of the Schubert song.)

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