Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Enchanted Island - Live Online from the Met Tonight

Live broadcast tonight at another opportunity to hear The Enchanted Island.  The broadcast starts at 7:55 Eastern Daylight Time.

Conductor: Patrick Summers 

Miranda: Andriana Chuchman 
Sycorax: Susan Graham 
Prospero: David Daniels 
Ferdinand: Anthony Roth Costanzo 
Neptune: Plácido Domingo 
Caliban: Luca Pisaroni 

And this weekend is the Saturday Matinee broadcast of Wozzeck, this time with Thomas Hampson back in the lead. (Live on many NPR stations.)


  1. I was going to say snarkily "do I have to?" and then I noted that Susan Graham is Sycorax . . . which might be worth hearing? If I could manage not to be annoyed by the libretto?

    1. Well, (in the spirit of snarkcasm):
      1. No one said you HAD too!
      2. Yes, it could be well worth hearing Susan Graham (and Luca).
      3. Maybe you can just tune your text perception to "la la la"? (especially during the recits!)
      4. You didn't mention Wozzeck, but I think that one IS a must-listen!

    2. I may try the "la la la" approach! (And yes, Luca too - how could I forget?)

    3. Of course I got completely sidetracked this evening and completely forgot to tune in. Rats!

    4. And so did I. (I wish I had a job that did not take over my life all the time like my current one does....)


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