Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mezzo Madness – DiDonato and Garanca Recitals in the Concerthuis

Now on Netherlands Radio4 Concertuis (neither new, but both noteworthy):

Elina Garanca with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in 2008 singing Mozart, Bizet, and more. (I usually try to be very positive, but this version of Parto, ma tu ben mio seems strangely detached. I mean, I know it's a concert but...) 

And Joyce DiDonato's Drama Queens program with Complesso Barocco as heard last year in the Gran Teatro del Liceu in Barcelona. 

Both concerts are enjoyable, but I think these two photos pretty well depict the contrast I hear: the cool-ish tone of one program and the rather more fiery nature of the other. (To be fair, Ms. Garanca was a guest on an orchestra concert, while Ms. DiDonato was the concert!)


  1. I see also there is much other groovy stuff in that archive, thanks for the links! And isn't this 1997 ASvO Ariodante they've posted a different performance than the commercial release, o Completists?

    1. Ooh, and Richard Croft is in the cast too! You're welcome. I have an anonymous reader to thank for the lead on Radio 4. The Concerthuis is pretty generous with the length of their archives, too. I see this one is still around for about 3 more months. AND they give you the music without all the radio announcer chit-chat.


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