Friday, September 20, 2013

Gratuitous Friday – More Miah (and Rolando) in L'Elisir

I have a lot to say about this production, but I will save a more lengthy discussion for another day. 

As a director, Rolando is a very good tenor, and of course Miah Persson is a game leading lady (and probably a better director). 

Rolando's s concept is cute; but he either needs to go further with the silent movie camp, or really reel it in (no pun intended). For my money, I'd like to see less mugging and more character. Meanwhile, Adina seems to be a good fit for Ms. Persson. So for now, let's just enjoy Miah and Rolando doing some lovely vocalizing. 

And with this clip, Miah Persson week comes to a close...or does it?

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