Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Re-Abducted – Mozart in Hangar 7, Part 2

Blonde (Rebecca Nelsen) rocks out in rehearsal.
  1. The wonderful Blonde in this production is Rebecca Nelsen. (She's a new discovery for me but Smorgy interviewed  her a few years ago. I need to catch up!)
  2. You can see a much higher quality video than the one on the Tube of Yoo (and some nifty rehearsal photos) at the Servus TV website.
  3. The production is fun and novel; the performances are pretty good considering the logistics, but the same singers would stand a better chance in an opera house.
  4. Standouts are the always-under-appreciated Javier Camerena as Belmonte and the above-mentioned Ms. Nelsen. Thomas Ebenstein as Pedrillo is a characterful, but somewhat underpowered (but engaging) character tenor.
  5. The acoustic of an airport is very similar to that of a train station (as in La Traviata in the Zurich Hauptbahnhof.)
  6. I really am going to review this in a day or so. 
Belmonte and his helicopter. Wait...what?
Rebecca Nelsen and Thomas Ebenstein

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